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A BIG BIG BIG Double disappointment

Pizza Hut Pakistan - Review by FoodieButt

FoodieButt Posted a Review of Pizza Hut Pakistan

A BIG BIG BIG Double disappointment

Pizza Hut MM ALAM ROAD : Well i have to say that despite of being an international brand everything of pizza hut is quite disappointing :( From ambience to service to the taste of food all were just disappointing and downhill... I had visited this place 2 - 3 years back and it was a disappointment then and then few days back We landed up on this place at mm alam road again cuz we wanted to eat some delicious pizza and hoped that they may have improved their standard and quality... The place is literally falling apart as we were offered a table with torn off sofa covers... we ordered a simple fajita pizza and alfredo pasta and despite of telling the waiter that the pasta should be spicy we were just served with some bland pasta in absolutely dry invisible sauce and that too after waiting a lot... the salad bar is probably the only good thing there as u have to make it urself... and after all this disappointment they charge u as hell :( Food : 3/10 Ambience : 4/10 Servicw: 4/10

Likes - 1 Comments 3 years 1 week ago
  • Shazeb

    Its so Shitty. No ambiance, no quality of pizza, pathetic Plastic Crockery.

    3 years 11 months ago