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Visited Bundu Khan Bakery Near Akbar Chowk

Bundu Khan - Review by Asadamin

Asadamin Posted a Review of Bundu Khan

Visited Bundu Khan Bakery Near Akbar Chowk

Do not know why so many bakery shops are opening in Lahore. May be there would be high profit margin in bakery business. Butt sweats opening new shops. one in Gulberg, one on Walton Road etc etc. Bundu khan also decided to jump into bakery and sweats business. They open new shop after Salt and Pepper near Akbar chowk. I was just passing by with my friend decided to see whats incide. Bakery was looking like shop of jewler very clean. Do not know how clean their kitchen is where all these things are being made. Regular bakery items some patties, some patties not that much variety. We tried its fruit triffle which was ok. Rs 90 per cup. normal taste nothing out of world. There were clay pot in freezer i asked him what was that he told me its Zafarani Russ Gullay. i asked how much he said Rs 400 for six pieces. I told him man its too much expensive. Russ Gulla is Russ Gulla like donkey is donkey. I also board in which it was mentioned that Biryani is also available. i told him at what price. He said Rs 260 per plate. i would try that some day. Over all routine things. After jalal sons no bakery can compete them. Their chicken and vegetable patties are excellent.

Likes - 3 Comments 3 years 12 months ago
  • GrapWhit3

    You should try their BBQ Chicken bread and Salsa Chicken Bread as well. Nice taste! Personally I really their Chicken Cheese Patties since they are much better than regular Shezan and other bakeries patties.

    3 years 12 months ago
  • komikool

    i liked there chicken cheese patties as the cheese is inside the patties

    3 years 12 months ago
  • naqi74

    asad bhai try chicken patties of pearl continental and ask the guy at what time fresh patties comes straight from oven. you will like them too.

    3 years 11 months ago